Day: September 24, 2023

Nightlife Limerick: Opium, Catwalk, Wiggle Room, and VirgoNightlife Limerick: Opium, Catwalk, Wiggle Room, and Virgo

A Night Out in a 3 Story Night Club

A night out in a 3 story night club is a high-energy experience. Whether you’re looking to dance the night away or enjoy some drinks with friends, there are plenty of options for you.

When you get in, after the once-over/carding process and your $10-20 cover charge, you’ll be greeted by a huge room with a smattering of tables.


Opium is a nightclub with bottle service, top class liquor and oriental vibe. Its unique atmosphere makes it a must-visit place for nightlife lovers in Limerick. The exclusive club has a distinct atmosphere reminiscent of James Bond movies and gentlemen’s clubs. The upscale beach club has 3 rooms and is packed every night. It plays a variety of music genres and has strict dress codes.

Many studies suggest that opium use is associated with increased risk of cardiovascular problems, including myocardial infarction (MI). It can also hide MI symptoms and delay treatment by hiding chest pain or concealing the location of the lesion on EKG. In addition, it can increase the sensitivity of the heart to other drugs such as cocaine or methamphetamines. The aim of this study is to categorize the effects of opium on cardiovascular problems along with its probable underlying mechanisms of action. Several databases were searched and case-control, cohort, and cross-sectional studies were identified.


There is something a bit muddled about The Catwalk, which never commits to being either a bonding experience in tight quarters or an alien hijacking story. As a result, the character interactions seem truncated and the episode’s climax seems to have come from nowhere. The casting of veteran character actor Zach Grenier as one of the refugees is a good move, but his role is relatively minor compared to the rest of the cast.

Nonetheless, the episode does a solid job of creating tension and mistrust between the members of the Enterprise crew. It also offers a sly commentary on how suspicious the world has become in the years following 9/11 – something which is emphasized by Archer’s immediate suspicion of the refugees. Unfortunately, the first season of Star Trek had made more effort to develop a supporting cast outside of the main characters (Cutler and Rostov, for example) and The Catwalk is a reminder that this second season hasn’t put quite as much effort into developing its ensembles.

Wiggle Room

The Wiggle Room is a hot new club in the East Village. It is the latest venture from the team behind Drexler’s and other neighborhood favorites like Mister Paradise and Pretty Ricky’s. The storied space has two floors, each thoughtfully designed for dancing and drinks. Muted colors and global influences adorn the bi-level bar’s soft shapes and fluid lines.

Upstairs, the mood is more laidback and perfect for early evening hangs and first dates. The upscale cocktail menu features playful yet sophisticated sips like the Six on the Richter Scale with Grey Goose Vodka, strawberry, lemongrass and watermelon and the Alligator With Hair Curlers with Mr. Black Coffee Liqueur, cold brew, Ketel One vodka and Copalli Cacao Rum.

When it comes to the etymology of “wiggle room,” there’s no clear consensus. The Oxford Dictionary throws up answers for both “wiggle” and “room,” and Google data suggests that “room” is the more popular choice. But whether that’s due to a more intuitive meaning or a subtler grammatical difference is unknown.


There’s a purity to Virgo that’s not just in their virginal zodiac symbol, but also in the way they’re careful and selective about who they choose for romantic partners. Virgos love to spend time in the company of people who are serious about learning and self-improvement.

Virgos are often restless intellectuals who love to take on new projects and learn things. They’re especially drawn to those who have a sense of whimsy, creativity and mystique, but can still balance this with an industrious streak.

Don’t be fooled by the stereotypes that Virgos are boring, though! They’re actually super expressive and can be the life of the party. They just need to remember to breathe and calm down! Virgos love to help others, but they do (quietly) expect gratitude and a little reward in return. This annoys them if they feel like others have taken them for granted.